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F-SPACE - News
Industrial Pyro Punk

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  • For recent news, gossip, lies and discussions,
    there is an F-SPACE Tribe on Tribe.net. This is a context related discussion group that does not need to use your email address, so it is SPAM free.

    There is also the "Procession" Yahoo! discussion group that includes the
    F-SPACE and Savage Republic Discussion Group
    (Note: You can join this group and view the messages in a web browser at the site, without having any Email sent to yourself.)


  • July 20, 2004- F-SPACE plan European Tour: Sept 2004
    • SEP 23, 2004 - ROBODOCK festival Amsterdam

  • July 14, 2004- F-SPACE to perform at BURNING MAN 2004
    • The camp will be based at 9:00 and Esplanade. We will be joined by Zoviet France.

  • June 11 , 2004- How to Destroy the Universe Festival - Part II
    • How to Destroy the Universe Festival - Part II
      Aug 6/7, 2004 at the SHIPYARD, 1010 MURRAY ST, BERKELEY
      Aesthetic Meat Foundation (San Diego)
      Point Line Plane (Portland)
      Nice Nice (Portland)
      John Law
  • March 7, 2004 - F-SPACE performed at a shipyard
    ALL AGES! Outdoor show. 8pm-10pm
    Please email us for details:
    kikishow "at" mobilization.com
    with Kiki's fabulous water fountain "Egeria".
    Scot has promised Kiki he will repair Thor and create a new piece for the

  • Feb 25, 2004 - F-SPACE perform at Sound RE-Wound Festival @ the LAB in San Francisco
    Wed Feb 25
    F-SPACE reported: "This one one of our all time favorite shows and the Lab is one of our all time favorite places to play!"

    Reviews, photos and video clips will be posted shortly

  • Feb 9, 2004 - F-SPACE perform at Sound RE-Wound Festival @ the LAB in San Francisco
    Wed Feb 25
    With Donald Swearingen and Pamela Z
    Festival runs The LAB Presents
    Sound Rewound: Celebrating 20 Years of Sound Art
    February 13, 18, 21, 25 & 28; all performances begin at 8 PM
    $10-25 Sliding Scale Admission (those paying $20 or more receive a free
    20th anniversary CD)
    at The LAB, 2948 16th Street @ Capp, San Francisco
    FOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: call (415) 864-8855 or go to www.thelab.org

  • Feb 13, 2004 - Scot Jenerik performed with Comfort Control (David Therrien)
    at the Benefit for Chris Hackett (Madagascar Institute)

  • Dec 20, 2003 - Festive Meltdown, Los Angeles, CA
    Photos from the Festive Meltdown

Review of the Festive Meltdown by Greg Grunke:

F Space absolutely killed! Got to the show about 11:30 pm and heard the
last part of Los Creepers energetic set. Catchy, punky rockrockrock! Long
gap then Spindrift. Maybe the less than stellar acoustics of the warehouse
space (or my beer consumption) blunted a bunch of subtle nuances but their
long noodling instrumentals didn't do much for me except for one sloooow and
dreamy Ventures cover. Extra points for the gals in fringe vests and
Indian headdresses shaking tambourines on stage though.

Jet Fuel up next and made even less of an impression. Side note to Mr.
Fuhrmann: The entire East Los Latina art-babe contingent was out in full
force. Pollyanne Hornbeck sez "hi".

Then F Space threw it into drive and nobody knew what hit 'em! Scott
Jenerik, playing his various percussion contraptions, and drummer Aleph Kali established a complete rhythm lock pounding out patterns of amazing
intricacy and intensity while Ethan added snaky melodies and sheets of
texture with his guitar armada. The hall had too much flammable stuff for
them to go totally apeshit with the pyrotechnics but Scott did fire up one
of his smaller devices that shot out bursts of propane flame as it was
played kinda like the time Granny's stove exploded. All this at a volume
level that at times made early Swans sound like Raffi and sent the
lightweights heading for the hills. Overall a stunning display of sonic
ferocity and beauty the likes of which L.A. hasn't seen in quite a spell.

Special thanks to Jason Heath for putting on such a swell party!

-Mr. G.

  • Nov 23 , 2003:F-SPACE Releases first full length Studio CD
    F-SPACE has completed the recording of the first CD titled "Preliminary Impact Report". The CDs are expected to be available for a Dec 23, 2003 release. Advanced orders are being taken now.

  • Oct 28, 2003: How to Destroy the Universe Festival - Part 1
    Mobilization.com presents:
    A new performance series dedicated to extreme music, art and culture.
    Sun Dec. 7th 5pm - midnight
    $8 Advanced / $10 - $15 sliding scale at the Door
    at Studioz in San Francisco. 21+ with ID. 314 11th St. (415) 252-7666
    EARLY SHOW: Show starts at 5pm!!! co-presented by KFJC 89.7 fm
    (PayPal will add 8.5% tax, which should balance to $8.75)

    Celebrate Pearl Harbor Day with:

    BANDS (first to last):

    Jim Jocoy - "We're Desperate" Early LA/SF Punk Photography

(click flyer image for more details)

  • Oct 14, 2003: F-SPACE show
    Crackwhore presents:
    Sat Nov. 8th 9pm
    $7 ($6 if you mention F-SPACE at the door)

    F-Space (members of Savage Republic) ~12:30
    Darediablo (NY) ~ 11:30
    Subarachnoid Space ~10:30
    The Diningroom Romance ~9:30

    at the Curve Bar 747 3rd st (near Pac Bell park)

  • Oct 13, 2003: New F-SPACE Audio added from the Burning Man Decompression Party

  • Sep 23, 2003: F-SPACE Video Clips from Burning Man 2003

  • Sep 4, 2003: F-SPACE confirm San Francisco Decompression performance
    F-SPACE today confirmed they will appear at the Burning Man Decompression Party Sunday October 12.
    Details are available at www.burningman.com or Decompression_2003
    Sunday, Oct 12
    Noon - Midnight
    On Indian Street and in Club Cocomo
    (Between Mariposa and 21st Street in San Francisco)
    $10 in Black Rock Attire/$20 in street wear

    All ages welcome outside on Indiana Street, 21+ yrs in Cocomo

  • Sep 2, 2003: F-SPACE complete 2003 Black Rock City Tour
    F-SPACE completed 8 ground shattering performances at Burning Man 2003. Scot Jenerik and Ethan Port performed as a two piece playing through a mobile rig, blasting fire and pummeling soaring psychedelic "crunch" at random locations around the Playa. Two especially memorable shows were Friday night at 2am in front of the Man, and midnight Sunday inside the Thunderdome. Documentation of these shows will be available shortly for free download.


    "I was a firsttimer at the Burning Man festival this year. A complete mindset it was for me. I thought we are in Holland liberal and open-minded but what i saw here i
    never experienced in my life.

    The real 'Hammer' was the F-space gig @ the Thunderdome at sundaynight.
    Fucking unbelieveble, i was nailed to the desert.

    For seventeen years i do programming and party planning for several venues
    and streetfestivals.
    I really would like to introduce F-Space in the Dutch music scene."

    Greetz - Lowlands Festival

  • Aug 27, 2003: F-SPACE to perform at BURNING MAN 2003
    Last Burning Man appearance was 1998.
    The camp this year is located at 3:15 (Absurd and Serious) and "F"aith
    We will be posting photos live from the event during the week.

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