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Scot Jenerik

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Scot Jenerik is a conceptual artist who primarily works with the
mediums of sound, fire, performance and instrument building. He has
performed and lectured extensively in the United States, Europe and
Japan, and has produced multiple internationally distributed audio
and video works. He is a co-founder of 23five Incorporated, a
non-profit arts organisation dedicated to the development and
increased awareness of sound works in the public arena. He co- hosts
the No Other Radio Network programme on KPFA Radio and is on the Board
of Advisors for The Lab art space in San Francisco.

Scot Jenerik's explosive performances, incorporating self constructed instruments of metal and fire, are infamous both around his home of San Francisco and throughout the world. Combining elements of Kodo drumming, punk rock and noize, Jenerik transfers the intensity of visual performance art to uncharted audio territories through percussive throbbing sounds scapes that can not be ignored.

Although radical, intense and un-traditional, Jenerik's work also speaks directly to the core of our being.

Scot Jenerik / R. H. Yao - "Meat" CD (2000)

Scot Jenerik's performance of extremely harsh noises is torture of the worst kind. Mothers grabbed their children and ran screaming in fear and pain..."
Jos Frusch, Limburgs Dadblad. 21 Agustus 1999

Scot Jenerik (F-Space) playing "Volatile"

Video Clips

Jenerik is co-owner of Mobilization Recordings and President of 23Five Inc., a San Francisco based non-profit sound arts organization that sponsors international noize artists through grants for live performances and recorded releases.

Scot Jenerik is currently also working in F-Space with ex Savage Republic guitarist/percussionist Ethan Port. Previous collaboration include Targodie with Larnie Fox.

Details of Scot Jenerik's solo work and career can be found at his artists website at:


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