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Throbbing Gristle



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Savage Republic 2006

Upcoming shows: See the Savage Republic Myspace Page

 'America's best-kept secret. No superpower likes to concede the presence of an autonomous state within its borders' (The Wire, 1988);

  'Savage Republic are the best group you never stood still for' (NME, 03/1986)










NEW: Savage Republic: Procession - An Aural History
"Best Of" 2xCD on LTM Records (Import)

Includes bonus Live at Tanned Tin, Castellon, Spain, 30 Jan 2010 CD.

Savage Republic was a group that walked along lot of paths common to the 1980s underground....The music is mesmerizing stuff, infused with all those contradictions....

By Ben Donnelly - Dusted Reviews

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