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Throbbing Gristle



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Savage Republic Merchandise:

Savage Republic 2006

New Recordings:

Savage Republic - Sword Fighter / Taranto!!! single

  • Savage Republic "Sword Fighter / Taranto!!!!" 7inch single on A Silent Place
    • Hand Silk Screened cover
    • First 200 number copies on Red Vinyl
  • Savage Republic "Hanging Garden" Cure Cover to appear in Fear Drop #14 Magazine's tribute CD to the Cure's "Pornography" album cure feardrop14 comp
    • Nadja: One hundred years
    • Dirge: A short term effect
    • Savage Republic: The hanging garden
    • Wild Shores: Siamese twins
    • Year Of No Light: The figurehead
    • Kill The Thrill: A strange day
    • Troum: Cold
    • Contagious Orgasm: Pornography
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Other Releases:

  • Savage Republic "1938" CD
    • First full length CD since 1989!
      Savage Republic - 1938 CD cover
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  • Savage Republic "Siam" EP
    • First studio CD since 1989! Lmt. Edition
    • Hand letter-pressed covers by Bruce Licher at IRP
      siam cover
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New: Savage Republic 2010 Tour T-Shirt

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Savage Republic Log

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Savage Republic - 1938 CD cover

Savage Republic - "1938" CD
on Neurot Records

The first studio release by Savage Republic since 1989.

Distributed by Revolver/Southern.

Available now. $12 plus postage. (Any questions, call +1 650 619-3695)

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siam cover

Savage Republic 'Siam' EP:
Distributed by Neurot Records

The first studio release by Savage Republic since 1989. This is a limited edition EP produced for the 2007 "Siam" tour. Graphic design by Jeff Mullican and hand-letterpressed by Bruce Licher at Independent Project Press. More information and samples available at the Savage Republic MySpace site.

Available Now! Distributed by Neurot Recordings. $10 plus postage.

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Savage Republic - 2007
(L to R) Alan Waddington, Greg Grunke, Thom Fuhrmann, Val Haller, Ethan Port
Credit: Ramona clarke-Fuhrmann
(click for hi-res photo)









Bundles: (email or phone us if you have any quiestions or trouble)

  • $10 - F-SPACE "Bleeding Rays of Dawn" CD
  • $17 - + F-SPACE "Preliminary Impact Report" CD
  • $20 - + Savage Republic "1938" CD $20