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Nerds in the Pit

The Untold Story of Early California "art" Punk

Nerds in the Pit is an ongoing project to document the early California punk and "art punk" movement.

(NOTE: links to the audio archives are below)

Purchase a CD with MP3s of Nerds in the Pit Part 1-4
which will benefit KFJC.

  • May 2003 KFJC hosts:
    Nerds In the Pit Part 4: 4 hour special on the Los Angeles Art Punk Scene 1989-1996. Includes interviews with
    • Carla Bozulich (Ethyl Meatplow, Geraldine Fibbers, Scarnella)
    • Rob Zebreky (Possum Dixon)
    • Evan Mac (Oiler)

  • Nov 2002KFJC hosts:
    Nerds In the Pit Part 3: 4 hour special on the Los Angeles Art Punk Scene 1984-1989. Includes interviews with
    • Savage Republic
    • Texicala Jones (TeX and the HorseHeads)
    • The Urinals
  • May 2002: KFJC hosts:
    Nerds In the Pit
    9 hour special on early 1980's Los Angeles Punk. May 25 and 27, 2002 from 8pm to midnight
    Ethan Port of Mobilization sponsored 8 hours of special programming on radio station KFJC during the month of "Mayhem" 2002 .
    Archives of the show are temporarily available here, or you can purchase a CDR which will benefit KFJC.

    Mayhem 25th Saturday and 27th Monday
    Nerds in the Pit: The Untold Story of the LA Art Punk Movement
    Hosts : Number 6 and Mr. E
    This series focuses on the poorly documented flipside of the Los Angeles and San Francisco punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s. Recent books on the Los Angeles punk scene have focused more on the marketable "fashion/jock punk" and have left the more intelligent and experimental side of the scene on the cutting room floor. Alienated art students and manic depressives mutilated their earlier UK influences with razor blades, sarcasm, needles, skate boards and riots, and coalesced into a "scene" where "Punk" was perceived as a social forum to experiment, outburst, and live "on the edge". Extra points went for being fiercely experimental and different, which fed the fire of a scene spiraling out of control into total MAYHEM. Interviews, unreleased live recordings, sound mixes, and live performances will document this unique era in California musical history.

    Interviews include:
  • Geza X
  • Pleasant Gehman
  • S.A. Griffin
  • Bob Moss
  • Jane Bainter
  • Gary Indiana
  • Members of:
    • The Weirdos
    • The Controllers
    • Nervous Gender / Vox Pop
    • The Urinals / 100 Flowers
    • The Screamers
      email: nerdsCDR 'at' mobilization.com if you'd like a CDR of the MP3s

    NOTE: It's highly recommended to use the free QuickTime player to "stream" these file NOTE: The files have been removed from this server to save space. Email pitNerd "at" mobilization.com to locate the alternate download site.

    May 25,2002 Playlist 1

    1. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 1 (64 M)
    2. Nerds in the Pit: Hours 2 (64 M)
    3. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 3 (64 M)
    4. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 4(64 M)

      May 27, 2002 Playlist
    5. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 5 (64 M)
    6. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 6(64 M)
    7. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 7(64 M)
    8. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 8:(64 M) Three Day Stubble Interview
    9. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 9: (64 M)Three Day Stubble live performance
    10. Nerds in the Pit: Hour 10: cont. Three Day Stubble live performance up until power outage


If you are/were a Nerd in the Pit we want to hear from you! Please take a moment to give us some feedback about yourself in the form below, or just send email to:
PitNerd "at" mobilization.com.

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