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How To Destroy the Universe - Part 6

23-26 April, 2009
San Francisco/Oakland, CA

"Can the World be as Sad as It Seems?"

A four day gluttonous rampage of Transgressive "Industrial Culture" to celebrate the Impact of THROBBING GRISTLE*

Music / Art / Performance / Culture

Special Sponsor: 'Non Toxique Lost' (Berlin)

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(NOTE: Full line-up list and schedule are below this locations section)
    • THU 23 April - @ PROJECT ONE SF
      251 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA, 94013
      6 pm - 4 am

      $5 Donation

    • THU 23 April - @ THE SPACE GALLERY
      1141 Polk St. San Francisco - CA 94109
      8:30pm - 1:00 am


    • FRI 24 April - @ THE COMPOUND in SF
      10 pm - 4 am
      (All Ages)


    • FRI 24 April - @ GHOST TOWN GALLERY in Oakland
      9 pm - 4+ am
      (All Ages)

      $5-$10 Sliding Donation

    • SAT 25 April - @ NIMBY in Oakland
      8410 Amelia st., Oakland, CA 94621-1836
      (All Ages)
      5 pm - ? am

      $9 - $20 Sliding Donation

    • SUN 26 April - @ The 5LOWERSHOP in SF
      (All Ages)
      3 pm - 10 pm

      $5-$10 Sliding Donation

    • SUN 26 April 8pm - @ A.T.A. in SF
      Artists' Television Access, 992 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, (415) 824-3890
      (All Ages)
      8 pm
      DECODER Film Screening and Panel Discussion
      (World Premiere!)
      decoder cover
    • SAT 23 May 6pm - SUN 23 May 6pm - @ kfjc.org (89.7 fm)
      FREE/All Ages: 24 Hour THROBBING GRISTLE special
      on KFJC.org
      Listen at 89.7 fm or on the internet at kfjc.org


Confirmed Special Guests (More TBA):

  • THU 23 April - @ PROJECT ONE SF
    251 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA, 94013
    6 pm - 4 am
    "Fierce Queer" Post-Punk Celebration for the TG Concert
    (Todd Blair (S.R.L) benefit)
    • "Industrial Culture" group art show with LIZ MILLER, KLARA LUX, JONATHAN SOLO, (More...)
    • SORIAH (Tuvan Throat Singing)
    • DECODER Film Premiere (clips)
    • "COSEY FANI TUTTI" Fetish Models
    • BIRTH (Performance Artist)
    • THE SISTERS OF HONK - Post Nuclear Klown Grrrls
    • Films by "Industrial Pioneers"
    • More TBA

  • THUR 23 April 11 pm - 2 am @ THE SPACE GALLERY in SF, CA
    1141 Polk St. (Next to the Hemlock - one block from the TG concert!)
    • Industrial DJs
    • D-SYN
    • R.M.S.

  • FRI 24 April - @ THE COMPOUND in SF

    deletist sling shotdeletist





    Dance Dance Immolation photo
    Art of Bleeding


    Life Size Mouse Trap


    mousetrap mice
    Mice from Life Size Mouse Trap


    Dance Dance Immolation photo
    Dance Dance Immolation


    Exxothermia - VANCE CEARLEY (Cancelled)

    ryon oscillator
    Ryon Gesink - "Oscillation" (Fire Zoetrope)

    Alex Nolan
    ALEX NOLAN - "SOL" (kinetic sound antagonizer) (Cancelled)




    (All Ages)
    8:30 pm - 1:00 am
  • FRI 24 April - @ GHOST TOWN GALLERY in Oakland
    (All Ages)
    9 pm - 4+ am
    Post-Punk Show
  • SAT 25 April - @ NIMBY in Oakland
    8410 Amelia st., Oakland, CA 94621-1836
    (All Ages)
    5 pm - ? am
    Massive Festival event at NIMBY's 35,000 Sq. Ft. space!
    Music, Machine-Fire Art, Dance, Performance Art, Crazy Antics


    Performances/Interactive/Visual Art:

    Visual Art :

    • THERM related artists:
    • RYON GESINK - Oscillation (Fire Zoetrope & Other Work)
    • ALEX NOLAN - SOL (Giant Kinetic Directional Sound Antagonizer) (Cancelled)
    • EVAN TRACY of THERM - Robot of doom, and Kinetic Fire Sculptures
    • VANCE CEARLEY - Exothermia (Metal Seeds Use Fire to Tunnel through Ice) (Cancelled)
    • REBECCA STEVENSON - Mercury Fountain


    • Fierce Queer Post-Punk DJs: Junkyard, Javier (More TBA)
    • Part Time Punks (DJs) (L.A.)
    • Post-Punk.org (DJs)


    • MOLITOV - 16mm science films
    • decoder coverDECODER DVD - World Premiere Screening!
      1984 proto-industrial paranoia classic!
      Featuring F.M. Einheit, William S. Burroughs,Genesis P-Orridge, Christiane F.
    • F-SPACE - Live at Thunderdome 2004
    • Videos by "Industrial Pioneers"
    • (More TBA)
  • SUN 26 April 8pm - @ A.T.A. in SF
    Artists' Television Access, 992 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, (415) 824-3890
    (All Ages)
    8 pm
    DECODER Film Screening
    World Premiere Screening! + Panel Discussion
    decoder cover


  • SAT 23 May 6pm - SUN 23 May 6pm - @ kfjc.org (89.7 fm)
    FREE/All Ages: 24 Hour THROBBING GRISTLE special
    on KFJC.org
    Listen at 89.7 fm or on the internet at kfjc.org


  • Special Sponsor: 'Non Toxique Lost' (Berlin)

  • KFJC 89.7 fm (Live appearances by festival artists TBA)
  • KALX (Live appearances by festival artists TBA)
  • KUSF
  • KZSU (Live appearances by festival artists TBA)
  • RE/Search Publications
  • Benefit for TODD BLAIR of S.R.L.


Past Destroy Festival Info


Free Downloads: Interviews



START: APRIL 2, 2009

END: MAY 24, 2009

Ethan Port
destroy6 at[REMOVE] mobilization.com
+1 650 619-3695



Mobilization.com is giddy with overwhelming joy to present the sixth installment of its Industrial Culture festival "How to Destroy the Universe". This installment of the semi-annual festival is billed as a "Four day gluttonous rampage of transgressive Industrial Culture to celebrate the Impact of THROBBING GRISTLE". The festival will be held at seven different venues throughout San Francisco and Oakland with over 40 artists, bands and performers. The full schedule and details are online on the Mobilization.com website and pre-sale festival passes are available at BrownPaperTickets.com.

About this years event, festival creator and curator Ethan Port comments:
"Throbbing Gristle are a perfect fit as a theme for this year's festival. They coined the phrase 'industrial music for industrial people' and 'entertainment through pain' in the 1970s, and they were pioneers in cultural re-engineering and transgressive experimentalism by co-opting traditional forms such as pop music and culture. They are old friends and a huge inspiration to so many artists and performers. We are fortunate to have so many out of town artists coming to see THROBBING GRISTLE, so this festival serves as a DIY Convention of sorts for all those counter-culture wackos inspired by THROBBING GRISTLE. In the classic Punk tradition, we'd rather get together and celebrate, mingle, talk and perform for each other, rather than just attend a concert and go home."

The festival includes over 25 performers and artists, including Post-Punk, Industrial Noise, and other experimental bands, Apocalyptic Butoh-inspired dance performance/soundscapes by BAD UNKL SISTA, World renowned Tuvan throat singer SORIAH, performance artists (including Post-Punk Clowns), visual artists including Burning Man related machine-art and fire-sculptures typical of the CRUCIBLE's annual "Fire Arts Festival". This diverse collection of performers and artists are all loosely related to the aesthetics of "Industrial Culture" which also aligns itself with the general description Post-Punk, which has recently come to encompass a vast range of styles all rooted in the DIY and post-apocalyptic notions of the early Punk movement. Among the more unusual performances, Los Angeles Cacophony Society off-shoot THE ART OF BLEEDING will be exhibiting faux emergency medical procedures with accident prone fetish nurses and Abrahm the Safety Ape from their ambulance.San Francisco has always been pyro-friendly, and the festival has a good representation of this cutting edge art form. For the ultimate hot foot, Burning Man regulars DANCE DANCE IMMOLATION will encourage festival attendees to dress in full fire suits and interact with their modified Dance Dance Revolution game where contestants are blasted with flame throwers each time they miss a step. Festival attendees can also play the LIFE SIZE MOUSE TRAP GAME, where a real 2 ton bank safe hovers over the unsuspecting mouse. Other machine/fire artists such as RYON GESINK, VANCE CEARLEY, ALEX NOLAN will be running various giant kinetic-sonic fire and ice sculptures, including a fire Zoetrope, and EVAN TRACY of THERM will bring a destructive robot of doom and other fire sculptures. DAVE KUDZMA (former assistant to L.A. artist MIKE KELLY) will also be performing and showing some of his work.

Strong independent women in non-traditional transgressive roles traditionally reserved for men are also taking the stage, such as SIXTEENS, SWANN DANGER, SWORDS OF FATIMA, BINKY, New York MachineKunt Records artists EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE and CINDERGARDEN, DELETIST, and HEADLESS LIZZY AND HER ICEBOX PUSSY.

Other highlights include a free after party hosted by KATABATIK.ORG, who are also producing an Experimental Industrial Noise and Sound Art show at The Compound with SCOTT ARFORD, EZRA BUCKLA (of the GOWNS), NOMMO OGO, POLAR and FLUORESCENT GRAY. ProjectOneSF.com in San Francisco is also hosting a THROBBING GRISTLE celebration 5pm - 4am at 251 Rhode Island (between 15th and 16th street), including an Industrial Culture art opening, Industrial Culture films and music, and performance art, including a set of fetish models made up like THROBBING GRISTLE heartthrob COSI FANI TUTTI, L.A. performance artists BIRTH, post-nuclear clowns THE SISTERS OF HONK, and Industrial Culture films including DVDs by NERVOUS GENDER, F-SPACE and other unnamed "Industrial Pioneers".

Other bands include 1970s post punk TOILING MIDGETS, Los Angeles (Echo Park) Enrio Moriccone post-rock luminaries CROOKED COWBOY AND THE FRESHWATER INDIANS, and locals THOMAS DIMUZIO, FILTH MILK, V.N.C. and NUMINOUS EYE. San Diego's AUTHOR AND PUNISHER will also be performing ominous Industrial dirges on his meticulously fabricated metal sound contraptions.

This upcoming festival is scheduled to coincide with the first US appearance by THROBBING GRISTLE since their break up at San Francisco's Kezar Stadium in 1981. The band, together with San Francisco mail art pal MONTE CAZAZZA coined the term "Industrial Music" in the 1970s and formed a DIY label named "Industrial Records" that seeded an International underground movement in parallel with the Punk movement. Although many of the original "Industrial Records" and "Post-Punk" bands were English, California has had a unique influence on the aesthetic of "Industrial Culture" through the friendships and collaborations with those English artists. In fact, the term "Industrial Culture" was invented by San Francisco writer V. Vale when he published his book "The Industrial Culture Handbook" in 1981 (a new hard-cover editions was recently re-issued and co-published with Mobilization.com), which documented the collaborations and friendships between English and California counter-culture icons, such as SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABS.

The goal of the How to Destroy the Universe festival series is to foster a sense of community among "transgressive" artists (including strong women in non-traditional roles and archetypes) who are often marginalized by main-stream media and cultural stereotypes and assumptions. In the process, the festival strives to create unique, memorable events that foster an intensity and energy from the collective group experience.

The festival began in 2003 with the goal of bringing together a diverse range of artists and audiences loosely associated with the concept of "Industrial Culture" and Post-Punk aesthetics. The festival has attracted the edgier, more "Mad Max" punky fringe elements of the Burning Man community, as well as reunions by Industrial Culture performers, such as EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN singer BLIXA BARGELD, SWANS singer THE LIVING JARBOE, and early 80s art rock pioneers SAVAGE REPUBLIC. The festival often appears at alternative venues where large machine-art and fire-sculptures can be exhibited, and often includes extreme physical performances such as body suspensions or other performance art.

When asked about the meaning of the festival name, festival founder Ethan Port remarks:
"We borrowed the title from a song by the band Aesthetic Meat Front who performed at our second festival at the SHIPYARD in Berkeley. During Aesthetic Meat Front's performance, the event degenerated into a nihilistic interactive performance 'happening' of fire, ice, blood and dualing cow femurs, so that installment of the event lived up to its name. The concept of 'destroying the universe' is similar to the old punk anthem 'smash the state', which we viewed as a personal call to action to disregard stale obsolete ideas and dysfunctional world-views, to build up something new and better, as well as a commitment to personal responsibility and independent thought. In the original California Punk movement we viewed Punk as more of a personal philosophy or culture than a particular musical style or fashion. The early punk scene was very inclusive and accepting of new ideas and approaches, so long as they had an certain energy, sense of purpose and immediacy. Each of us has a personal 'Universe' defined by our prejudices and cultural assumptions. To investigate how to  'Destroy the Universe' underscores a desire to shake ourselves out of those cultural blind spots. It's important to understand that the festival is not at all about "Destroying the World", but actually about making the world better. Like the myth of the phoenix rising out of the ashes, the festival title embodies the concept of collectively exploring processes of transgression, re-birth and re-vitalization, by demonstrating through direct actions 'How' this process could take place. That is not to say that the festival takes itself too seriously, and along the way of this apocalyptic Yellow Brick Road there is also a good dose of humor, irony and general pranking, but Industrial/Punk culture has always strode that narrow line between 'funny haha' and 'funny tragic'. "

The festival is a natural extension to the focus of Mobilization.com, which is dedicated to promoting artists that 'launch', in the sense that both Mobilization.com and the festival take their cue from the visceral DIY post-punk industrial culture of the early 1980s, where diverse artists were encouraged to transgress accepted norms and create new innovative forms in music, art, performance and culture. The festival continues this spirit of discovering new processes to "destroy" pre-conceived notions (the personal "universe") so that new ideas can evolve, and re-discovering the notion of "punk" as a way of being rather than a fashion statement you can buy at the mall.

About San Francisco as the location for the festival, Ethan Port remarks:
"San Francisco is the natural ground zero for the festival series, since this is a unique area of the world that prides itself on tolerance and acceptance of new ideas and life styles, as well as pushing the boundaries of cultural complacency. Even when we took the festival on the road to other cities, the festival series was still rooted in San Francisco counter-culture."

For more information, schedules, pre-sale festival passes, and free interviews with post-punk and Industrial Culture artists,  go to Mobilization.com or phone +1 650 619-3695.











Schedules (Subject to change)

FRI 24 April @ GHOST TOWN GALLERY in Oakland, CA
(NOTE: Set times are approximate and subject to change!)

  • 9:30 pm - THE COPPERTHIEF
  • 10:30 pm - TOILING MIDGETS
  • 1:00 am - VIENNA NOISE CHORUS (V.N.C.)
  • 2:00 am - FLUFF GIRL
  • 3:00 am - SORIAH

SAT 25 April 6 pm - 3 am @ NIMBY in Oakland, CA
(+Benefit for TODD BLAIR of SRL)

  • 5:00 pm - (TBD)
  • 6:00 pm - The Copperthief (ex-Mogwai)
  • 7:00 pm - Toiling Midgets
  • 8:00 pm - Swords of Fatima
  • 9:00 pm - Crooked Cowboy
  • 10:00 pm - Swann Danger
  • 11:00 pm - Sixteens
  • 11:40 pm - Art of Bleeding (Outdoor Performance)
  • 12:00 am - Bad Unkl Sista (Butoh Dance)
  • 1:00 am - Soriah
  • 2:00 am - TBA

DJs: (TBD) Post-Punk.org, CHKNFSH

  • 6pm -
  • 7pm -
  • 8pm -
  • 9pm -
  • 10pm -
  • 11pm -
  • 12am -
  • 1am -
  • 2am -



(Schedule subject to change!)

  • 3:00 pm - (TBD)
  • 4:00 pm - CINDERGARDEN
  • 6:00 pm - DELETIST
  • 7:00 pm - BINKY
  • 9:00 pm - F'KIR
  • 10:00 pm - FILTH MILK
  • 11:00 pm - BLK BOX






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Bruce Licher, Greg Grunke,

Snack Sac presents Festive Meltdown 2003 SPINDRIFT (w/ members of Brian Jonestown Massacre & Warlocks), F-SPACE
DJ SL Duff (Knitting Factory, Sweet Justice, Messiaz)
DJ Jason Moore (Dura Delinquent)

Robert Loveless, Brad Laner, Kaliffornian Deathrock, strobelight records, thomas thyssen, rick bats, paul cuska rickbats, 01. intro - KXLU underground radio May 1986 02. SCREAMS FOR TINA - Graveyard Mary 03. LIKE WRECKAGE - Burning Waters 04. KILL SISTER KILL - FeverDream 05. CHRISTIAN DEATH - Mysterium Inquitatis 06. VOODOO CHURCH - Eyes (Second Death) 07. SUPER HEROINES - Night Stalker 08. ASTROVAMPS - Ghost Train 09. MEPHISTO WALZ - Eternal Deep 10. KOMMUNITY FK - We Will Not Fall 11. DEATHRIDE 69 - Mescalito 12. 34 VAMPIRES - 34 Vampires 13. EX-VOTO - Waiting For The Dawn 14. TEXAS VAMPS - If I Don't Wake Up Today 15. SHADOW PROJECT - Under Your Wing ELEMENT - In The Nitetime BURNING IMAGE - Haunted 45 GRAVE - Procession (live) Medicine, The Urinals, Four Way Cross, Fourwaycross, 100 Flowers, Hatikva, RE~TG, Psychick TV, Jackson Del Rey, jackson del ray rey, Independent Project Records, IPR, SRL, Survival Research Labs, fspace, fspace, fspace, F-Space, F-Space, fspace, F-SPACE, RE~TG live at the Astoria theater, london, 2004 Nervous Gender Whiskey a go-go 28-feb-1980, fakir musafar industrial culture film festival 1.0 asphodel recombinant media labs, monte cazazza, charles neal, v. vale, dances sacred & profane, modern primitives jan feb march april may june july aug sep oct nov dec 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 19 1988 1989 1990 europe tour frankfurt napels italy RUBBER O CEMENT KOMOTO TRIO IDX1274 STIMBOX CJ REAVEN BOROSQUE WARNING BROKEN MACHINE 15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO SLEEPING WITH THE EARTH klowd DOG AA23 UFO AS BACTERIA DESTROY DATE CHOPSTICK norcalnoisefest northern california noise fest robodock, kevchino.com, kevin chino, http://www.yque.com , http://www.ekay.com , crucible, fire art festival, area 54, tru.dat, bigfoot, ufo's research, mcphee.com, g4.com, god is my co-pilot, torch job, pretty floweres, daughter, spaulding rockwell, IPR store Independent Project Records, "F space" Ethan Port, Annabelle Port, Throbbing Gristle, Throbbing Gristle, tg23, Miranda July movie film Me you and everyone we know everybody we know, Death Ride 69 deathride 69 deathride69, Linda LeSabre, Linda LeSaber, Linda Le Sabre Saber, Don Diego, Scream club, Stella Stray Pop, borb@earthlink.net borb@earthlink.com, Senior Amor Amore, Paul Arden, Paul DuGrey, Michael Webster, BORG2 borg2 borg2.org, jim mason, charlie gadeken, KXLU, KFJC, KJFC, KJFC.com, KFJC.org, Burningman, burningman, Burning Man, Burning Man, Burning Man 2020, burningman, Christoph Gampl and Andreas Kukutsch,San Francisco, Los Angeles, Punk Punk Punk Punk, f-stop, fstop f stop, Punk, Industrial Industrial, Zoe Keating Rasputina, Dark Drop Black Sky, Neurosis, Neurot Recordings, Beyond the Pale, KSVRT, Einsturzende Neubauten, Blixa Bargeld, Rede/Speach, thesixteens the sixteens the16s 16s, human hands, truman state university, kirksville, wall of voodoo, solid eye, dream syndicate, swords "savage republic", david gregory www.gregoryphoto.com, thee majesty, manchurian candidate washington, Unknown Legends of Rock and Roll, Richie Unterberger richie richieunterberger.com, 17 pygmies, nervous gender, mike ochoa, ed, seventeen pygmies, dream syndicate, COIL, John Balance, Geff Rushton, kfjc, kxlu, lit lounge nyc ny new cicada jenerik, zero gravity climbing, zerogravityclimbing, Rikki Madrigal, DMBQ, USAC USA Climbing, http://www.usaclimbing.org, Bug Out, V10 rating, nervous gender, joe z, mike michael ochoa phranc phrank wall of voodoo, industrial culture film festival naut humon recombinant media labs Return2Sender film, 9:30 club, 40watt club,THROBBING GRISTLE in BERLIN this New Years Eve! 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