How to Destroy the Universe - Part 8 festival

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Current News on Social Media is a California based music label and events promotion company dedicated to transgressive and transformative art.
Founded in 1997, Mobilization continues supporting a variety of post-punk and other underground artists.

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Savage Republic "Live in Wroclaw January 7 2023" 

Savage Republic - Live in Wroclaw 2023 album front cover

Press Release


Savage Republic "Meteora" LP (2022)

The new full length "Meteora" album is available now on all digital platforms and at the Mobilization BandCamp page.
There is also a CD and a Limited edition vinyl LP release in a beautiful gatefold cover.

Savage Republic "1938/Siam" 10" Single (2019 version)

Limited edition silver metalic vinyl with hand-letterpressed covers.

Recorded Aug 1, 2019 by Steve Albini at Electic Audio Recordings in Chicago, during the Savage Republic 2019 Midwest Tour.

Recorded live with no overdubs.

Available at the Savage Repubublic Bandcamp page

$13.50 plus shipping

Front cover of the postcard for the "How to Destroy the Universe: Part 8" festival

How to Destroy the Universe: Part 8 Recordings

2023 Festival Archive Page

Raw live stream video archive. Processed videos coming soon. 

Destroy 8 Artists Links

The Abinormals, Altar de FeyAntler Family, Bat Noise,

Bitter LoaBlevin Blectum, Cassette Prophet (Steel Pole Bathtub, Neurosis), 

Cel Genesis, Chaki Sklar, Cheryl Leonard, Crow Jane (L.A.),

Crush Material, Cult Strange, 

Da PupzDarkwraith Covenant, The Dik DiksExuvia,

F-SPACE (Portland - Savage Republic, Scot Jenerik),

G'Odd, Golden Champaign Flavored Sweatshirt,

 Ivan X (NYC), The Ink Bats

John Law, Kal Spelletich (The Seemen), Kent Cates (video art), Killer Couture (Sacto),

Linda XYZ Band (w/ members of FLIPPER), 

Loto Ball (L.A. - Phantom Limbs), Middle-Aged QueersNeither/Neither World,

Moeser (Savage Republic, The Molecules, Dan Plonsey), Neverland Ranch Davidions,  Soriah

SubopticsTension Span (Christ on Parade, Neurosis), Tanuki Spider Cat

Throbbing Grisltetoe (Jerry Blue)Victor Krummenacher (Camper Van Beethovan),

Vio\ator, Violent Coercion (Neurosis)

⚡Online Videos: ⚡Dax Pierson, ⚡Deletist, ⚡Esther Splett (Montreal, Canada),⚡Glamour Dykes (L.A.),PatriarchySea Wanton (Germany - online),Sikhara,Silence in the Snow, Skip Arnold

DJs and VJs: Demon Sister, Junkdrawer, Junkyard, Kent Cates, (TBA)

Coming soon:

Available Now

Full label releases - free streaming at

Facebook: Tour information page - Links to reviews, photos and videos

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