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TG 24 Sunday June 22, 2003

FREE web stream of A 24 hour celebration for the world wide Throbbing Gristle community, new and classic interviews and other rarities!

http://www.KFJC.org Live Webcast

Free Event: Come to the 'TG Lounge' on the Foothill College campus at Appreciation Hall: 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos, CA -- Room 1500

  • Broadcast played live through the high quality Mobilization P.A. -- experience the ultra frequency rumblings and throbs
  • Video screenings of TG and related visuals
  • Meet other T/G folks
  • Potluck-- Bring Your Own and Share
  • Bring comfortable chairs and blankets and your close friends
  • Bring TG related videos or other weird visuals to add to the mix. If yo have your own video, film or slide projector-- Even better!















LIVE Psychic Rally in the "TG Lounge"

  • In conjunction with the 24 hour broadcast, YOU WERE INVITED to drop by the "TG Lounge" at FOOTHILL COLLEGE in APPRECIATION HALL during the entire 24 hour duration, where the live recordings from the broadcast will be presented through Mobilization's high quality loudspeaker system in an attempt to re-create the sub-sonic and ultra-sonic frequencies of the original performances, to the extent that the original recordings allow. Various video imagery, including PTV videos, will also be presented. Bring a picnic to share and something comfortable to recline in for the long duration.

    Anyone is invited to attend this live event - see KFJC for directions. The audience is also encouraged to phone in and share their T/G experiences and thoughts with the community.
    12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos, California -- Room 1500



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T/G 23 on KFJC 89.7 FM
Sunday June 22, 2oo3
has ceased to exist

Partial Rebroadcast Sat May 8, 2004

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One 'special' CD copy of some of the interviews from the program was given to thee lucky winner of the Day ov Gristle contest. Whatever we feel is the most interesting response to thee INDUSTRIAL RECORDS questionnaire that was included in the original edition of T/Gs 2nd Annual Report will 'win the biscuit tin'...

  • T/G 23 Contest
    One 'very special' CD copy of many of the interviews from the program will be given to thee lucky winner of the Day ov Gristle contest. Whatever we feel is the most interesting response to thee INDUSTRIAL RECORDS questionnaire that was included in the original edition of T/Gs 2nd Annual Report will 'win the biscuit tin'... T/G 23 Contest Rules: Print both pages of the questionaire, fill them out and return to the address on the form. The 23 most interesting responses (in our opinion) will be placed into the 'official' KFJC randomizer from which one submission will be removed and deemed the 'winner'. Submissions will be accepted until the 23 of July, 2004 and the winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. All respondents will receive a T/G sticker and re-production of the flyer from T/G's final performance at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. (Hint: submissions must include the completed questionaire but need not be limited to the questionaire alone) We thank you for your participation, for listening and wish you all good luck!
  • Or complete the online version of THEE Questionaire,

Contact Us:
email us at tg23 "at" mobilization.com or call us during the show at 650-941-2500 and share your stories.

Archives of the special may also be available after the initial broadcast, pending agreement with TG and Mute Records. Check back at this link for details. This site will be maintained after the special as an online resource to the THROBBING GRISTLE global community.

Thank you for your attention and participation.

Nozmo King
Mark Darms
Mr. Hate
Mr. E


Thanks to: Genesis, Peter, Chris and Cosey, Mute, Charles, Spliff, Kent

Email Info: TG23 "at" MOBILIZATION.COM
We are still looking for any audio interview materials and your stories

There will be an updated version of this program in May 2004 including a possible live event to commemorate the 23 year anniversary of TGs Termination.




RE~TG has been re-scheduled to April 2005. The Mayhem specials listed below will still be broadcasted as scheduled.

Mayhem 8, 2004 11am - 3pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Can the World be Even Sadder Than It Seemed? TG23~v2
11:AM to 3:PM
Hosted by M.C.Christ and Mr. E
4 hour follow-up on the 2003 Day of Gristle. Updated interviews and new recordings by thee inventors of "industrial" music, in preparation for their one time May reunion in the UK. Live phone calls.


The Mobilization Aural History Project and KFJC 89.7 FM were proud to present a 26 hour celebraton of the history, mystery and IMPACT of THROBBING GRISTLE:

"A Day of Gristle"

View the Day of Gristle Schedule here

Read the response by Genesis P-Orridge about his feelings about and history with Joy Division and Ian Curtis

We will post the play list for the show shortly. Thanks to all of you who participated.

We'd like to hear your feed back--Communicate with us: tgkfjc2003 on AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger or email tg23 'a t' kfjc.org

This mind altering radio broadcast culled from materials including:

  • FREE MP3 Downloads: Six hours of new interviews with all the members of THROBBING GRISTLE and friends such as MONTE CAZAZZA and Charles Neal author of "Tape Delay"
  • Five hours of historical interviews made at KFJC in 1979 and 1980 "in the thick of it"
  • Other interview and media spots
  • The new Mute 24 CD release of THROBBING GRISTLE live performances
  • All the studio and other live releases by T/G
  • This radio special will be WEBCAST live by KFJC, 89.7 FM in Los Altos Hills, California

One woman's perspective:

Newsgroups: it.arti.musica.rock
From: "Petrucci" <michette-...@libero.it>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 20:02:54 GMT
Local: Fri, Dec 7 2001 12:02 pm
Subject: Throbbing Gristle
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It has been a long time since my boyfriend and i made love whilst listening
to a record (...) I think the last time was the Beaver and Krause record
called "Gandharva" and maybe some T.Dream.
But he came round to my apartment here on the Left Bank a few days ago and
what happened makes me wonder just whwew our relationship is going.
He said 'ive got this album we maust make with it- it's just right.' The
cover was white and seemed nice.
Well he had the lights off and the curtains drawn and the record on. But
when i asked who it was he said "Throbbing Gristle". My english is good and
i knew what it meant.
The titles of the album tracks frighten me and they look evil and now i feel
somehow sick at what we did together listening to those evil English people.
I don't know where we go after this.

Michelle Rue Jean Barmen, Paris


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Preliminary Impact Report
The first F-SPACE studio release is available now
$9.98 Post Paid US

***The first CD from industrial pyro punk transformers F-SPACE-- SCOT JENERIK and ETHAN PORT ( SAVAGE REPUBLIC ), ALEPH KALI (CHROME) & JOEL CONNELL (MAN IS THE BASTARD)
Six massive tracks of violently passionate noisescapes, delivered with sonicintricacies and altered-state-inducing tones. "The result conjures an apocalyptic,feral, destructive trance state implying a catastrophic act of nature, a march through the desert on the path to war, or an offender's mental state during a crime of passion." (San Francisco Guardian - Dec. 2003)





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