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SynOrgy (Utah) 2002 Solstice Burn
by Aspen Moon

It seems that Utah burners just can't get enough fire. 70+ burners from Salt Lake City and the surrounding area braved snow, ice,
and temperatures in the 20s to finally watch our Effigy burn. Due to statewide burn bans earlier this summer, the burn part of the
celebration had to be postponed. But on the winter solstice, we celebrated the longest night of the year with fire!

The event featured a surreal performance of Scot Jenerik and F-Space. Their unique style of music, which mixes unique
percussion instruments, rhythm, noise, and fire was a highlight of the evening. It was so cold, Ethan played his guitar with gloves.

Burners were in full force, including four of Santa's Fire Elves, donning flame throwers. In addition, members of Clive's Lounge
entertained participants with karaoke and the famous vinyl suction table. Fire play was abundant and we all managed to stay
plenty warm despite the fact it was the first day of winter. As the group processed down the path illuminated by Burning Man
luminaries, the fire elves torched the effigy and the scene exploded into jubilation and renewal as our Effigy, which was
decorated by the Salt Lake City community, finally burned.

Photos are available on the following pages:
www.synorgy2002.org (update pending)


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