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F-SPACE Proposals

BORG2 - 2005

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2005 BORG2 Proposal


  • Name, location & Contact Information for artists:
    F-SPACE, San Francisco. borg2 at mobilization.com (650) 619-3695

  • Name & Description of Artwork - This description should be as complete as possible, explaining the concepts involved and may include text, drawings, diagrams, photographs, videos, songs, spells... you get the idea.
    F-SPACE - "Bleeding Rays of Dawn", "Soundtrack of the Apocolypse" and "Tripping on Wires" performances, plus FINAL REPUBLIC - " Post-Nuclear Desert Trace"
    We've heard it so many times in the past few years at BurningMan: "Where oh were is the music!?". We don't mean the incesent thump thump of the Rave rampage, or the dried up derivative soundsystems. We mean, where is the SOUND created by and for the desert/BM experience, aimed directly at shoving the group mind over the brink into ecstatic states of pure bliss?

    Our goal at Burning Man is and has been (since 1993) to fill this void.

    The photos from Burning Man 2004 show our current basic setup. We will be performing several different sets of material. We have a portable sound and light system. We setup anywhere on the Playa and DESTROY through audio and visual performance. We are able to integrate ourselves into other artists environments (see photos below). This will allow our post-nuclear post-punk aura to serve as the "house band" for BORG2. The performance incorporates the drive of rock/post-punk music with SCOT JENERIK's unique self built instruments of FIRE and STEEL. SCOT is engulfed in flames while the unique harmonic sounds pummel from the PA. This provides a very visceral experience for the audience. The raw, primal power lends itself well to collaboration with other fire/industrial artists, especially visual artists.

    "Bleeding Rays of Dawn" is a series of audio songs/works targetting (loosely) Cormac McCarthy style desolation, alienation, decay and transcendence. These are all new pieces that have not been performed before on the PLAYA.

    "Soundtrack of the Apocolypse" incorporates older F-SPACE material from the last 2 years, targetting this years artwork by the Flaming Lotus Girls

    "Tripping on Wires" is an art piece F-SPACE is putting together for the RIGGED aerial art show at the How to Destroy the Universe Festival - Part 4 June 23-25 at the Shipyard in Berkeley, CA.

    FINAL REPUBLIC has a more arid desert surf sound, along the lines of the MERMEN, but pre-dating them back to the desert and other industrial shows we performed in 1981-1984.

  • Budget - Detailed & complete. These will be negotiated with the Curators and Art Council, but try to be realistic. Excel spreadsheets will be preferred.
    Simple Budget based on previous years (1993-1998, 2003 and 2004)
    • Burning Man tickets for 6 artists: $1500
    • Propane fuel for the instruments: $600-$800
    • Gasoline for Generators: $120 - $250
    • Truck Rental for mobile configuration: ~$1200
    • Materials for Documentation Crew: $60 - $120
    • Professional PA and Mixing equipment: No Charge
    • Lights: $60 (they are often broken by drunk participants for some reason)
    • Instruments, Tools: No Charge

  • Build Timeline - Grant payment will be staged as progress payments. Each stage will need to be verified by the curators before the next payment will be released. Consider these payment milestones when making your timeline.
    The new material and instruments have been created over the last year through self funding. Several new instruments are being built now. June 25, 2005 is the expected milestone for the new Wired and Back Beat instrument. Volatile and Thor are already repaired from last year.Everything is ready to go. Only thing needed is the Truck rental and securing the fuel.

  • Cleanup Plan - In accordance with Earth Guardian standards. 10% of total grant will be held back until the completion of Leave No Trace cleanup
    The beauty of our artwork is that it is based entirely around propane, electricity/lights and sound. It is a transient, temporary state of bliss. So the only by product are some green house gasses and some memories. All of our equipment breaks down and stores in the truck. We leave no trace durning and after every show. We actually clean up all the crap other people leave around our performance area, so we leave it CLEANER than when we arrive. SCOT has attended Burning Man since 1993, and much of the rest of the group since 1996. Everyone involved is well versed in the Leave No Trace policy.

Burning Man 2004




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