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Savage Republic

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 Upon the disolution of Savage Republic, Bruce Licher began a more atmospheric, completely instrumental project called Scenic, Thom Furhman and Greg Grunke worked on Autumnfair and Grinch. Thom, Greg and Ethan Port continued the Savage Republic style for a brief time as Final Republic, and then moved on to Motor Mouth and Wonder. Ethan performed with
Death Ride '69
from 1989-1990. Ethan Port is currently active with
F-Space in San Francisco, CA.


  • Bruce Licher
  • F-Space: Ethan Port and Scot Jenerik
  • Medicine and Electric Company: Brad Laner
  • Autumnfair: Thom Fuhrmann w/ Greg Grunke
  • Scenic: Bruce Licher w/ Robert Loveless
  • Wyrd: Robert Loveless
  • Final Republic, Motormouth and Wonder: Ethan Port, Thom Fuhrmann, and Greg Grunke
  • Grinch: Thom Fuhrmann and Greg Grunke
    Ethan Port currently runs MOBILIZATION Recordings and is currently active with F-Space in San Francisco, CA.
  • 17 Pygmies: Robert Loveless and Jackson Del Rey

Pre-Savage Republic projects

  • ...uh... : Ethan Port and Greg Grunke, with David Bromberg and a cast of hundreds
  • Spadra Moods: Thom Fuhrmann

Click here for more Savage Republic history .


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