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TG 24 Sunday June 22, 2003


http://www.KFJC.org Live Webcast

Live 'Psychic Rally' on the Foothill College campus at Appreciation Hall

  • Broadcast played live through the high quality Mobilization P.A.
  • Video screenings of TG and related visuals
  • Meet other T/G folks
  • Potluck/Picnic - Bring your own and share!
  • Bring comfortable chairs/pillows/blankets
  • Bring comfortable chairs and blankets and your close friends
  • Bring TG related videos or other weird visuals to add to the mix.
    If you have your own video, film or slide projector-- Even better!







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T/G 23 on KFJC 89.7 FM
Sunday June 22, 2003

KFJC 89.7 FM and Mobilization are proud to present a 24 hour celebraton of the history, mystery and IMPACT of THROBBING GRISTLE:

"A Day of Gristle"
00:01-00:30 Convincing People: Welcoming You
With your host Monte Cazazza
00:30 - 02:00 Very Friendly: Interviews 1979/1980
TG Sound Beds, Confused listeners call in, Confrontational Questioning
02:00 - 05:59

Something Came Over Me: Live Shows
Special videos will be screened in the TG Lounge

02:00 - 02:59: Funeral in Berlin

03:00 - 03:59: Heathen Earth
Video of this performance will be screened

06:00 - 08:59 Quiet Stuff: Interviews
Shadow of the Sun: Film Soundtracks
2nd Annual Report: Side 2
09:00 - 11:59 United: Interviews and Studio Works
POP STUFF: 20 Jazz Funk Greats, DOA, Singles, Industrial Records, Other artists
12:00 - 13:59 Slug Bait: Interviews, Live and Studio Works
2nd Annual Report forward and backward and related live shows
14:00 - 14:59 Blood on the Floor : Noisey Studio and Live Tracks
Wall of Sound, Noisey DOA tracks and related live tracks. Interviews
15:00 - 17:59 Persuasion: Related Projects
COIL, Psychic TV, Chris and Cosey, Montee Cazazza, SPK, Portion Control, 23 Skidoo, Cabaret Voltaire, Factrix, Leather Nun, Clock DVA
18:00 - 20:59 Flashed on the Carpet--Early Stuff : 2003 Interviews, Live Recordings
First Annual Report, Live Shows, 2003 Interviews
21:00 - 21:59 Penultimate: Live Show and Interviews
The L.A. show, Interviews
22:00 - 22:59 Mission is Terminated: Live Show and Interviews
Final San Francisco show
Video will be screened at the Rally
23:00 - 23:59 Thank You For Your Attention: Interviews and Live Show Endings
Final words from live shows, Interviews, Martin Denny


Email Info: TG23 "at" MOBILIZATION.COM
We are still looking for any audio interview materials or your stories

Note: TG have been very generous in supporting this effort. If you like what you hear, support TG. The limited edition box set is available here:


Tune in May 2004 for a repeat updated broadcast RE:TG




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